Arnaud Andrieu (French-Dutch born in Paris in 1980) studied architecture in Brussels. After relocating back in Paris in 2008, he became a self-taught photographer. In 2011, he moved to Reunion Island, east of Madagascar. He began as a local press photographer and works as a stringer for SIPA PRESS since 2012. His interest in documentary photography and social issues push him to work on long-term projects.

Arnaud documents the island’s ethnic and religious diversity and its political and social climate. He also works on corporate communication and commercial campaigns projects as well as adventure sport stories.


- Editorial: 20Minutes, Le Quotidien de la Reunion, NouvelObs, Challenges, MetroNews, ImazPressReunion, Life Force Magazine, Bat'Carré, Demain Magazine

- Compagny: Decathlon Reunion